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Monday, October 10, 2005

And if that weren't depressing enough...

Here's one more really depressing piece of verse. I guess, as Victor Buono would have said, It Could Be Verse.

I wrote this once when I really, really, really wanted to be done with life. The primary thing holding me back was not wanting to hurt my loved ones. Anyway, it's not a line acrostic. I got a little tired of those. It is, however, extremely melodramatic. <sigh>

Stuck With Me

"Life's a bitch," is what we used to say, "and then you die."
And if that's not the simple truth, can someone tell me why
We fight and lose and hope and fail, and never seem to see
A reason to keep living it (aside from apathy) ?

If life is such a sacred thing, then tell me, if you will
Why life has got to hurt so much; why life has got to kill
The spirit in a person's heart, their dreams of happiness
Can all the pain of wretched life be cancelled with a kiss?

They say love makes it all worthwhile, and love is truly fine
But love can't stop the agony inside this soul of mine
I wish that I could find a way to bid my life adeiu
Without it causing grief and pain and suffering to you

They tell you that your life's a gift; that ending it is wrong
But where's the crime in dying when life's hurt me for so long?
It needn't be a cry for help -- it wouldn't be for me
But I don't want to hurt you, so I guess I'm stuck with me

© 2001 by Lisa Liel


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